Hello Sydney

I have now moved to Cheltenham (Sydney) – just north of Epping. I am looking at establishing a teaching practice here. I live on Cheltenham Rd.

If you are interested in learning piano from me you can email me through this website or ring me on 043 8888 964 or 9876 2471.


Farewell to Gatton

Hi everyone,

It is with great sadness that I finished 11 years of teaching in Gatton & Laidley at the end of 2017 – I left 33 piano students behind!

Here are some photos of my end of year concert on 2 Dec 2017. I was privileged to receive some lovely gifts from my students – including tickets to a piano concert in Sydney called “Stalin’s Piano”. (Thank you so much Jasmin for organising this!)


Technology and piano teaching

Using technology seems to be a huge part of our society and using it in teaching piano and music seems to be becoming more and more important. I do use You Tube as a teaching tool to demonstrate how different artists interpret music. Access to this is invaluable. If I didn’t have this I would be none the wiser as to how these unfamiliar pieces sound. I spend quite a lot of time searching the internet to find suitable pieces for my students and You Tube helps me out a great deal. If you want to read about how other teachers use technology look at this from Tim Topham’s website:


Go to the “technology” tab. Tim is a well-respected teacher, presenter, performer and accompanist based in┬áMelbourne. I was privileged to hear him speak at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference held in Toowoomba Qld last year. I am beginning to learn more teaching strategies and ideas by reading his blog. Incidently he was one of the first teachers to champion the “40 Piece Challenge”.