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Technology and piano teaching

Using technology seems to be a huge part of our society and using it in teaching piano and music seems to be becoming more and more important. I do use You Tube as a teaching tool to demonstrate how different artists interpret music. Access to this is invaluable. If I didn’t have this I would be none the wiser as to how these unfamiliar pieces sound. I spend quite a lot of time searching the internet to find suitable pieces for my students and You Tube helps me out a great deal. If you want to read about how other teachers use technology look at this from Tim Topham’s website:


Go to the “technology” tab. Tim is a well-respected teacher, presenter, performer and accompanist based in Melbourne. I was privileged to hear him speak at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference held in Toowoomba Qld last year. I am beginning to learn more teaching strategies and ideas by reading his blog. Incidently he was one of the first teachers to champion the “40 Piece Challenge”.

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