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Piano Challenge for 2014

Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve been on. It’s holiday time now so it’s a good time to start blogging.
This year I’m hoping to encourage some of my piano students to take up the “40 Piece Challenge”. Basically students aim to learn 40 pieces in one year – that’s one piece for every school week. Of course the pieces set won’t all be of a high difficulty – at least one will be something a student could sightread and learn well within one week. Read more about this at   http://www.40piecechallenge.com.au
I think this is a great idea for non-exam students to give them something to aim for and to improve their sightreading and widen their repertoire. I even think this would be good for some exam students – they could take a bit of time off from doing only exam pieces and explore a much wider range of music. (Although they would probably have to delay sitting their exam a little.) I think this “40 Piece Challenge” is such a wonderful idea. I’ll let you know later how it’s going.


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